Coronavirus and extended CNY holidays

Dear Friends:  

Here in Ningbo the situation are fine and the Coronavirus are under control. And our local Government is very cautious to it and does a very good job on it, strict control measures were taken and roads are restricted or travels were forbidden.

So now most of the people are staying in home as main roads were blocked to control the epidemic. But the virus are mainly in Wuhan, other places seem ok and are under control.

But Chinese New Year will be extended 10 more days because of the Coronavirus control, so workers will come back very late this year. The virus or affected cases may come to the maximum in the next 10 days, but I expect new affected cases will also begin to decrease in another 10 days or so.  

Fortunately our factories are in the safe zone and we will resume working Feb.10, 2020 and so our production capacity will resume to normal in the near future.

And our office is also in safe zone and gets worked on Feb.03, 2020; the extended holidays are mainly for workers who have “go home and return”. Anyway,  we will defeat the virus and your new POs are welcome!  thank you!

Post time: Feb-10-2020